Why Us?

For military replicas, you need a partner you can trust. At i2k, we value the gravity of military requirements. It’s why government officials come to us to get the job done.

Our expertise has cemented us as a world leader in the design and production of inflatable and pneumatic devices since 1993.


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Over 25 Years of Experience

Fully Customizable Designs


i2k Defense is a privately held corporation headquartered in Los Angeles County. We are veteran owned and have proudly manufactured inflatable products for the military, Fortune 500 companies and safety engineers for over 25 years.

We specialize in the custom design, development and manufacture of U.S.-made inflatable decoys, targets and product replicas for the military, such as tanks and jets, pneumatic inflatable shelters and tents, including hangars, field offices and barracks and inflatable replicas of buildings, houses, dwellings and complete cities—all 97% realistic from the air.

Our in-house designers, engineers and machine operators work out of our 30,000+ square-foot manufacturing facility, overseeing production from initial concept design to final completion. With our capabilities and experience, we can design, pattern, texture, cut and sew realistic, full-sized, custom inflatables, often within a matter of weeks.

Over the years, i2k has also expanded our technical expertise and acquired two patents for our AirPad products, used in a variety of applications for fall protection, from aircraft maintenance and testing to providing safe landing surfaces for unmanned aircraft and drones.

i2k Defense strives to sustain our reputation for delivering high-quality, cost-effective, mission-ready inflatable products to support our clients’ operational needs by leveraging best practices and the industry’s most advanced technologies. This commitment enables rapid alignment with military priorities.

Our experienced team is widely recognized within the inflatables industry as goal-oriented leaders, dedicated to providing total client satisfaction with the resources and quality mindset necessary for producing high-performing, reliable inflatables at the best value.

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From American battle tanks and Russian weapons vehicles to Soviet-era missile launchers and F-22 jets, we’ve produced a wide array of military decoys and targets.

Browse our sample inflatable products to learn more about the kinds of inflatable military replicas by i2k in use by the U.S. Armed Forces and Department of Defense.

Customize Your Military Inflatable For Any Mission Requirement

We’ve been creating full-scale inflatables for over 25 years right here in the United States. Our expertise enables us to customize replicas for all military machineries.

i2k Defense can design and manufacture inflatable tanks, transport vehicles and other military equipment that matches any required specifications.