Inflatable Tactical Training Walls

Stands Up to Your Training Demands

Training can take many forms, shapes and sizes. You need a modular solution to create your training environment, whether it’s meant to simulate an urban combat zone, interior building, or anything else your needs demand. Regardless of its application, you need something that can change at a moment’s notice to give your team a fresh perspective. i2K’s inflatable tactical training walls set up fast with minimal manpower, store away quickly, and are made tough to withstand use in any weather or terrain.i2K’s inflatable tactical training walls also present a truly cost-effective solution over traditional walls. No expensive carpentry labor costs are needed. These inflatable walls also don’t require nearly as much replacement or repair. These are just a few reasons why i2k’s tactical training walls are the durable and versatile answer you need.

Available Features
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Made Tough,

Easy to Set Up

These inflatable tactical training walls are constructed with i2k’s proprietary materials and are made to withstand any storm, terrain, and usage.

And logistics are always simpler with i2k—every inflatable tactical training wall can be erected and deconstructed in minutes, and you can rely on them for weeks and weeks on end. They’re always ready to go whenever and wherever you are.We use lead- and latex-free materials in manufacturing our inflatable tactical training walls. All of i2k’s inflatable walls also meet or exceed ASTM standards and NFPA (Test method 1 and Test method 2) fire resistant standards. All products are in full compliance with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act and Proposition 65 with respect to the maximum value allowed for lead (PPM). Our inflatable tactical training walls are designed to ensure that operators remain safe and secure while being used in highly challenging conditions.

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Sealed-Air Inflatable Shoot House Training Wall System

Inflatable Shoot House Training Wall Systems simulate force-on-force reality-based training for military and police departments. Greatly improves performance and enhance survivability.

Inflatable Shoot House Training Wall Systems can be used with “Simunitions” a non-lethal training ammunition in a rapidly deployable and fully scalable system that can be used to create an immersive and realistic close quarters battle training environment.

  • Tear-, abrasion- and UV-resistant, as well as waterproof and capable of withstanding extreme hot and low temperatures
  • Strong and firm enough to withstand a 300lb/136kg trooper with full gear
  • Heavy-duty air bladder with 18oz digitally printed exterior vinyl shell ensures Simunitions will not puncture walls
  • Stainless steel D-rings to connect walls together at multiple locations on both sides
  • Zinc carabineer quick links walls together
  • Hook & loop (Velcro) flaps secure walls together–opposing forces can’t see through cracks
  • Top hook & loop (Velcro) helps roof keep interior completely dark (night-vision capable)
  • Compatible with the BTI breach doors
  • Resistant to L83A1 smoke grenades, hot weapons barrels, L111 training grenades and flash bang/stun grenades
  • Heavy-duty transport bags, deluxe repair kits, 110v, 220v or petrol-powered inflators
  • HR inflation valves and PRVs (pressure Relief Valves) expel air to enhance auto-deflation


Airwall Tactical Defense Training Wall

Airwalls are the most durable system on the market, tear-resistant and abrasion resistant, air-proof, waterproof, UV resistant and can withstand the wear and tear of extreme hot and extreme low temperatures. Airwalls are built with a heavy-duty air bladder with heavy-duty digitally printed exterior vinyl shell to ensure Simunitions will not puncture the walls.



Introducing BTI’s new, light-weight (50% lighter) Ram breaching doors, equipped with casters on the front for easy mobility. Both are ideal for classrooms with indoor instruction, and teaching basic mechanics of breaching. Each door can be made to fit modular shoot houses or moved around easily in a fixed shoot house for different scenarios (Can also be used with a leg kit). The door utilizes one pin for economy. The Lite Ram Door can be ordered with Upgrades. BTI offers 2 upgrades to the door. The first is a door knob upgrade that is utilized to teach the student to check the door knob prior to breaching the door. The second option is a life-like vinyl door finish applied to the skin of the door providing a realistic look to the training door. The Lite Ram Door can be ordered with either option or both options for a nominal price.


The BTI Lite Shotgun Door is 50% lighter than our standard Shotgun Door, ideal for partition systems. The Lite Shotgun Door incorporates a unique multi-lock simulation system for a shotgun breach training. The door can stimulate up to 3-lock sets, with the same panel system in our standard Shotgun Doors.


Customize Your Military Inflatable For Any Mission Requirement

We’ve been creating full-scale inflatables for nearly 30 years right here in the United States. Our expertise enables us to customize replicas for all military machineries.

i2k Defense can design and manufacture inflatable tanks, transport vehicles and other military equipment that matches any required specifications.