What Is IsoMask H1?

IsoMask H1 is a reusable helmet for non-invasive ventilation. NIV is the application of mechanical ventilation without endotracheal intubation in the patient.

Economic Savings

  • Washable and reusable medical element
  • Fast and safe process of disinfection
  • Materials resistant to abrasive disinfection chemicals
  • Permanent stock of inputs, accessories and parts
  • Reduces the probability of intubation, reducing the cost of using an ICU
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  • 360 degree visibility to prevent the feeling of claustrophobia
  • Built with anti-fogging materials
  • Silicone membrane that efficiently adjusts to the patient’s neck, avoiding in most cases the sensation of choking
  • Reduces the dispersion of aerosols
  • Adjustable to different neck sizes
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The H1 can be easily connected to the following devices:

  • BiPAP 
  • Ventilator 
  • Wall Gases
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  • Fire-retardant PVC
  • Silicone membrane
  • ABS plastic support ring
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