Ready-Made Configurations

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IsoSuit B1

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IsoMask B2

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IsoMask F1

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IsoMask H1

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IsoCapsule X1

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IsoCapsule X2

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Protect Your People from Contamination, Contagion, and Environmental Hazards

In today’s world, threats can come at a microscopic size. You have to protect yourself from what you can’t see or touch. Biological hazards can include viruses, parasites, chemicals, and more.

You need protection. A shield guarding you and your people from foreign microbes. Whether for training purposes or real world and emergency situations, i2k can equip you with the tools you so desperately need.

These isolation capsules and isolation suits are designed for safety, comfort, and efficiency. We used only the highest level of technology so that you can breathe easy.

Need Something Custom?

We’ll design and build it in-house, and ship it anywhere in the world.

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