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Inflatable Decoys & Targets

Just looking for targets? Get the right shape and dimensions at a low cost. Need a highly detailed replica? Get replicas that would make even a pilot wonder if it’s the Real McCoy, or a decoy.

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Inflatable Shelters

Shelters are your most basic needs, but your biggest logistical headache. Set up highly durable structures that can withstand any terrain and climate in minutes, and that dramatically reduce your transportation costs.

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Decontamination Tents

Now more than at any point in the world’s history, viruses are disrupting life—and taking life. Your personnel are deployed to areas where disaster has taken hold, including health disasters. Get ready-made decontamination tents up in minutes so you can keep serving.

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Isolation Capsules & Suits

Defense is about keeping people safe. But when the virus is smaller than a blood cell, you’re fighting an enemy that doesn’t respond to usual defense mechanisms. Keep your personnel on their feet and in the fight with isolation capsules and suits that defend against even the smallest intruders.

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Tactical Training Walls

Configure training spaces anywhere, any time. Custom prints give you the flexibility to create the environment your personnel are most likely to encounter, without having to manage recreating buildings and structures.

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Amusements & Promotional

Manage your personnel’s mental health and wellbeing with inflatable entertainment structures: water slides, obstacle courses, and more are all available to be made to your specifications, and shipped anywhere in the world.

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Made in

Est. 1993

Fully Customizable Designs

Our History

i2k Defense is a privately held corporation headquartered in Los Angeles County. We are veteran owned and have proudly manufactured inflatable products for the military, Fortune 500 companies and safety engineers since 1993.

Our in-house designers, engineers and machine operators work out of our 30,000+ square-foot manufacturing facility, overseeing production from initial concept design to final completion. With our capabilities and experience, we can design, pattern, texture, cut and sew realistic, full-sized, custom inflatables, often within a matter of weeks.

Our experienced team is widely recognized within the inflatables industry as goal-oriented leaders, dedicated to providing total client satisfaction with the resources and quality mindset necessary for producing high-performing, reliable inflatables at the best value.


Customize Your Military Inflatable For Any Mission Requirement

We’ve been creating full-scale inflatables for over 25 years right here in the United States. Our expertise enables us to customize inflatable replicas and decoys for all military machineries.

i2k Defense can design and manufacture inflatable tanks, transport vehicles and other military equipment that matches any required specifications.