What Is IsoCapsule X2?

A negative air pressure isolation capsule designed for use in hospital rooms, intensive care units (ICU) and home care to prevent the transmission of highly contagious diseases to health professionals, patients and their families.


  • Protection of contagion for medical personnel, patients and their families
  • Allows constant monitoring of temperature, pressure and air flow inside
  • Preventive visual and audible alerts
  • Negative air pressure and air filtering to prevent general infection
  • Batteries with autonomy of 1 to 2 hours
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Economic Savings

  • Fast and safe disinfection process (no quarantine)
  • Materials resistant to abrasive disinfection chemicals
  • No need to change the filter between patients
  • Does not require disinfection of the environment after use, facilitating the ability to reuse the rooms quickly
  • Permanent stock of supplies, accessories and parts
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  • Ambidextrous gloves (8) to access any part of the capsule and perform medical procedures on the patient such as: intubation, urinary catheters, vein cannulation, catheterization and more
  • Sealed and isolated door for the entrance of medicines, food and personal items
  • Sluice-type gate for disposal of the patient’s personal and bodily wastes
  • Strangler valve for the entry of cables or cannulas
  • Can be integrated with hospital beds and stretchers
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  • Easy and fast process of assembly and disinfection
  • Anti-fogging material with 180° visibility to avoid claustrophobia and facilitate the operation of medical personnel
  • Integrated, small and silent engine for greater comfort of the medical body and patient
  • Complete replacement of internal air 30 to 50 times per hour
  • Automatic temperature and humidity control to allow prolonged patient stays of 24 hours or more
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Input and Output Filtering System

The air is filtered both in and out of the capsule by our powerful dual 3-stage air filtering system.

The high power of the main unit ensures the complete replacement of the air in the capsule between 30 and 50 times per hour, keeping the interior always fresh.

3-stage air filtering system


HEPA H13 filter with 99.97% effectiveness.


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  • Materials resistant to abrasive disinfection chemicals
  • Does not require disinfection of the environment after a patient’s stay, improving the ratio of suitable beds to patients
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  • Phthalate-free, fire-retardant PVC, high-frequency sealed with embossed thread reinforcements
  • Brushless engine
  • High quality electronic components manufactured by the leaders of the electronic industry: Sensors (Honeywell), Batteries (Samsung), Power Supply (Mean Well), UV-C Led (Seoul Viosys) among others
  • Electronics developed based on ARM microcontrollers, technology used in military and space applications of high performance
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  • Easy and fast due to high frequency sealing
  • No need to renew the filter after each use, due to the UV-C light disinfection system. It is recommended to change the filter after 1000 hours of use
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