What Is IsoCapsule X1?

The IsoCapsule X1 is a mobile negative air pressure device for a fast and safe isolation of suspected or confirmed biohazardous patients.


  • 3-layered air filtering system + UV light disinfection
  • Negative air pressure prevents the contamination of the environment and medical personnel by the patient
  • Safe use in air transport even in pressurized environments
  • 4-8 hour battery back-up ensures continuous use when no power is available
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Economic Savings

  • Permanent stock of inputs, accessories and parts
  • Easy maintenance: the device provides all the alerts about possible maintenance
  • Easy disinfection: its resistant materials can even sustain the most used chemicals
  • After the transfer of a patient, disinfection of the vehicle is not required, therefore the vehicle can be used immediately
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  • 8 ambidextrous gloves for access to any part of the capsule that allows medical procedures such as intubation for mechanical breathing, urinary catheters, vein cannulation, among others
  • An airlock type access for the entry of medicines, food and personal items
  • A strangler valve for the entrance of: tubes, probes and cannulas
  • An airlock-type exit for the elimination of biological and personal waste from the patient
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  • Complete visualization of the patient
  • Anti-fogging material
  • Silent airflow system, less than 30 db. for greater patient comfort
  • Automatic temperature and humidity control to adapt the thermal sensation conditions of the interior of the capsule allowing longer stays of the patient, even for 24 hours or more
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Input and Output Filtering System

The air is filtered both in and out of the capsule by our powerful dual 3-stage air filtering system.

The high power of the main unit ensures the complete replacement of the air in the capsule between 30 and 50 times per hour, keeping the interior always fresh.

3-stage air filtering system


HEPA H13 filter with 99.97% effectiveness.


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  • The capsule can be used in vehicles such as: ambulances, airplanes, helicopters, etc. These do not require subsequent disinfection, thus increasing the prompt availability of the resource for a new use
  • The filters are disinfected by our UV-C light mechanism (275nm) integrated in the system, so they do not require change after each use
  • All materials used in the capsule are approved and resistant to the substances and chemicals generally used for disinfection of medical elements
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  • Phthalate-free, fire-retardant PVC, high-frequency sealed with embossed thread reinforcements
  • Brushless engine
  • High quality electronic components manufactured by the leaders of the electronic industry: Sensors (Honeywell), Batteries (Samsung), Power Supply (Mean Well), UV-C Led (Seoul Viosys) among others
  • Electronics developed based on ARM microcontrollers, technology used in military and space applications of high performance
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App & Tracking

  • Bluetooth control and capsule monitoring application with friendly and intuitive graphic interface, available for smartphones with IOS and Android operating systems
  • Permanent monitoring of conditions inside the capsule (pressure, humidity, temperature), battery charge level, filter life, etc.
  • It allows to group capsules, monitor their location in real time* and access patient and operation data, in order to present statistics and intelligence to prevent and optimize costs
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