Military Vehicle Decoys and Targets

We create inflatable military trucks, surface-to-air weapons vehicles and transport vehicles. i2k Defense can customize any inflatable vehicle for your forces.

Inflatable S-400 Triumph (SA-21 Growler) Vehicle

  • S-400 Triumph Russian military vehicle identified by NATO as a SA-21 Growler.
  • Highly advanced anti-aircraft weapons vehicle in service since 2007 designed to engage targets at long ranges in intensive jamming environments.
  • Currently operated by multiple countries including China, Russia and Turkey.

Inflatable Scud Missile Launcher

  • Series of Soviet tactical ballistic-missile vehicles originally developed during the Cold War.
  • Missiles reach a maximum speed of Mach 5.
  • Commonly used in various combats since the 1970s by over two dozen countries, including the United States.

Inflatable 2K12 Kub (SA-6 Gainful) Missile Launcher

  • 2K12 Kub Soviet missile-launcher vehicle identified by NATO as a SA-6 Gainful.
  • Mobile surface-to-air missile system, pictured with a customized Silkworm missile.
  • Currently operated by over two dozen countries, including Russia and Syria.

Toyota Landcruiser Inflatable Truck w/ZU-23 Antiaircraft Gun

  • Inflatable replica


  • Inflatable replica

Browse Our Line of Military Inflatables

From American battle tanks and Russian weapons vehicles to Soviet-era missile launchers and F-22 jets, we’ve produced a wide array of military decoys and targets.

Browse our sample inflatable products to learn more about the kinds of inflatable military replicas by i2k in use by the U.S. Armed Forces and Department of Defense.

Customize Your Military Inflatable For Any Mission Requirement

We’ve been creating full-scale inflatables for over 25 years right here in the United States. Our expertise enables us to customize replicas for all military machineries.

i2k Defense can design and manufacture inflatable tanks, transport vehicles and other military equipment that matches any required specifications.