Inflatable Military Decoys for Sale

Custom inflatable military decoys and inflatable target replicas are instrumental in preparing your troops for the action, taking training to the next level, and keeping people and assets safe in warfare. 

At i2k Defense, we understand the importance of utilizing your budget wisely while deploying a winning strategy. That is why we create realistic replicas of tanks and targets that can be used on and outside the battlefield. 

Browse our collection to learn how we helped other troops – or partner with one of our expert designers to bring to life your own creative vision. 

Inflatable Military Decoys and Tank Replicas for the Defense Body

Just a single M1A2 – the most popular type of military tank in the US – costs a whopping $6.20 million. Using tanks for training purposes or as decoys on the battlefield can represent a significant loss of money and resources. 

On the other hand, when on the battlefield, there is no room for mistakes or subpar equipment. That is why the designers at i2k Defense dedicate their several decades’ worth of experience to rendering, creating, and maintaining world-class military inflatable tanks, decoys, and targets. 

Take Your Military Training to the Next Level With Custom Inflatable Military Decoys

For any country at war, its military forces are an invaluable asset. But to be so prepared and brave on the battlefield, military personnel and members of the defense undergo several years of strenuous training. 

At i2k Defense, we understand the importance of this phase, and we strive to provide real tools and pieces of equipment that can make training more engaging and efficient. From full-size inflatable military aircraft to replicas of popular military vehicles, we can help you customize your training field and prepare your troops to the highest standards.

Inflatable Decoys and Targets Can Be Your Winning Strategy

Warfare and war strategy are complex fields that experts have been studying for millennia. 

While there is a layered combination of factors that come into play in every conflict, a single moment of distraction might be all you need to gain an advantage and take a step closer to victory.

At i2k Defense, our mission is to protect members of the defense and help your troops conceal vital assets. That is why our inflatable military vehicles and tanks are created to resemble real-life models in all aspects.

The Features That Make a Difference

From decontamination tents to tactical training walls and military decoys, i2k Defense works with military bodies and consultants to deliver world-class tailored solutions. Some of the features you can expect include:

  • Lightweight military decoys starting at 60kg
  • Easy to fold, stow, and transport
  • Can be easily repaired in the field
  • Deployable in 3-30 minutes
  • Able to withstand any temperatures between -20°C and +50°C
  • Can be deployed up to 50 times
  • Can deceive radars and surveillance systems

i2k Defense: An Inflatable Military Decoy Partner You Can Trust

At i2k Defense, our team of designers has spent the past 25 years studying materials, strategies, and construction techniques to provide all defense organizations and troops with cutting-edge inflatable tanks, decoys, and targets. Contact our expert team of designers about your customization needs or browse our collection of inflatable tanks.